Hi :),

I am Ujjwal Datta Kalluri.

I am a Post graduate in Computer Applications from Andhra University, India and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, working as Software Developer.

Interested to implement always New and Wanted Technologies.

My primary area of involvement is in Software Development, Enterprise Application Integration, Database design.  Proficient with Distributed Systems Programming and business-process integration using the principles of the Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and related technologies such as Web Services, Windows Communication Foundation and Web API.

I spend my time learning about issues I’m passionate about.

I take a lot of notes, and often share them and my own thoughts on the subject with others, so I can learn and expand the conversation.

I thought it would be interesting to share these conversations more widely, in the hope of getting more people thinking and learning about the issues I think are interesting and important.

So, welcome to My Universe…

Note : The opinions expressed here are MY OWN and are not necessarily those of my employer or partners. ALL content presented AS-IS, for learning purposes only.

Ujjwala Datta Kalluri.

Happy Coding.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. You Have posted very interesting topics, I am very much interested to follow this blog.
    Please post some topics on WebServices and WCF,
    Please post regularly.


  2. Hi,
    I have some ideas give to you as a friend.Insert some options
    1) Develop basic learning languages(c,c++,java etc) concepts or
    2) implement Q&A board(users will ask computer science questions and you or any other members give correct answers). (or)
    3)Discussion board like particular topic issued (technology side) then how to react people (or)
    4)Implement health tips history ( u already done this project before days )
    5) Jobs updates columns either software or government.
    Why cant u Implement this…


  3. Very interesting blog. Some posts are really awesome. Good efforts. Keep going.
    Many people read articles in internet, but only a FEW PEOPLE like you post articles.

    Keep posting good articles like this.


  4. This is the world where we can get most, than the required.
    I like the way of providing & producing many thing s in a single & simple website


  5. Very good knowledge sharing and gud effort Datta “Mr.Perfect”
    Better to do this blog with your name as domain name. Like you 🙂


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