Remembering My Teacher…

My Teacher, I adore you

Tens of subjects, lessons in hundreds, thousands of questions arise in my mind
Knowledge and wisdom you provide me with kind
Hours of preparation and the experience that you acquire
All come handy, when the classes transpire

Your light hearted comments become comical breaks for us
Without which subjects seems nothing but a fuss
Deep inside, you imbibe in us principles of morality
The joy of understanding the concept brings tranquility

Every year precious gems are crafted out of lifeless stones
You turn us into ‘Humans’ just from flesh and bones

The former could not take away the sparkle of your glory
Though the latter does add feather to your story

Times change, and so do we
You are our foundation just like the trunk of a tree
What remains unchanged is the soul of an Universal Teacher

You are an institution of knowledge,
you are the best preacher,
you are my Mentor,
you are my HERO….

Thank you for being my Teacher


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